Alhelí Pimienta

Alheli Pimienta’s passion for flute has propelled her to extraordinary achievement as she champions the invigoration of flute music around the world through education, performance and advocacy. Artistic Director and member of the renowned Canadian duo Flautas del Fuego, Alheli programs concerts in countries that feature Latin American classical music and collaborates with artists of diverse styles such as Brazilian Choro, Argentinian Tango, world music and jazz. She has won several important international competitions including Gold Medal at the National Flute Professional Category Competition in Mexico and First Prize at the Crescendo Music Awards.


Alhelí Pimienta is the flute instructor at the Kingsway Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ontario, and the Assistant of Susan Hoeppner’s Studio of Young Virtuosos. Known internationally for her intensive clinics and successful performances, Pimienta’s teaching has also taken her around the world with masterclasses and guest residencies in the United States, Portugal, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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To Sprint is defined as “running at full speed over a short distance.” For professional musicians, our entire career is a test of endurance against time. The aspiring professional musician has multiple physical, mental and emotional challenges to conquer throughout their training. Therefore, I have designed this intensive program that replicates the reality of our professional lives and prepares my students for the intense world of music. My 10 day program includes:

  • 21 hours of Flute Sprint Training Sessions
  • 14 hours of Supervised Practice Sessions
  • 14 hours of Lectures
  • 7 hours of Aural Skills
  • 30 healthy and customized meals
  • 1.5 hours of Professional Registered Massage Therapy
  • Cultural Activities chosen and designed by the instructor
  • Mock Concert/Audition/Competition/Recording
  • Niagara Falls Winery Tour with Dinner by the Falls

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